Sweets Are Us. Our Terms Of Service

Sweets Are Us is the best deluxe sweets shop Wales and serves the most authentic tastes of the traditional as well as modern English sweets. We also bring for you; the cherished tastes form the different cultures of the world! We are also a leading affiliate online sweet shop Wales and offer entire ranges of the branded sweets and chocolates of entire diversity.

You can buy our sweet products in Wales through our online web portal this is available as a dynamic interface round the clock. The terms of reference that govern our commercial dealing with the customers are as follows.

  • The sweets that are to be ordered must be entered with the correct label and tag as shown in our showcase online.
  • Sweets once sold will not be returned after opening the can/jar/case. Most of packaging is offered in transparent PET and is ensured as the finest!
  • Any inconsistency should be reported within the first 7 days of receiving the sweets parcel. We will get back to you at the earliest!
  • The shop will not be responsible for any delay in the parcel. We could only offer the real time track and the tracker number.
  • While the shop is not responsible for the denaturing of the sweets during transit, we take up the necessary follow up action with the postal services and agents to claim the compensation for you.
  • UK mainland shipping for only £3.95 of less no matter how big the order is.However the custom duty (if any) levied by a country’s customs would have to be paid by the client.
  • We ensure the strictest complains with the global food packaging guidelines and our sweets never suffer any aberration at the authentic checks and inspections. Any discrepancy in this regard would be the sole responsibility of the shop (subject to conditions).
  • The color and texture may change slightly; without of course diluting the character and taste of the same.
  • The shop maintains a well managed refunds policy in case the different or unsought sweets variety is served.
  • The processing of the parcels or the refunds would be followed with complete guidelines and the requisite time could not be further reduced. All care is taken to serve you the demanded sweets within the least time; even during the festive season requisitioning.
  • All disputes for the legal matters are reserved to be taken up with the UK.

For more information reach out to us through our email id at: worldwatkins@gmail.com