Sweets Are Us. We Offer Easy Returns For The Faulted Deliveries!

Sweets for Us operate as the best deluxe sweets confectionery shop Wales, UK and around the world.We have garnered true fame on account of our passionate efforts to serve you the best of English and other sweets. While all care is taken to ensure the high authenticity and taste attributes, the inconsistencies may emerge in the sweets received by you due to one or the other reason.

We are a generic and affiliate online sweet shop Wales and serve our customers through the web interface. The orders booked by the clients are sent through the postal and courier services of high reliability. However, their ability to handle the food parcels often turns out to be limited! This may result in the denaturing of our sweets; such as due to the break in the cold chain or the like reason. We therefore hold a swift and well managed returns policy for our customers.

You can safely book & buy sweet products in Wales and rest assured of the returns in case of any aberration! The following are the conditions that determine the returns window for our clients.

  • The jar or case or can will not be entertained for returns if the same has been opened after receiving.
  • The returns are managed by a distinct service desk that may take its authentic time to clear your refund. However, the swiftness in service is guaranteed.
  • Returns are entertained for the parcel received in damaged condition. The client would have to wait for the necessary follow up action in this case; as the parcel insurance and other formalities would be covered.
  • Return is entertained for the parcel that depicts the wrongly delivered product; that is other than what is requisitioned.
  • All returns are to be made to our UK Return Centers and no shipment is required to be done to our US addresses.
  • The returning postal cost would be bore by the client (except in certain cases where there is demonstrated and proven wrong service on the part of the shop).
  • All the returns transactions would be made electronically and there would be no cash handling under any circumstances.
  • The postal tags and packaging, particularly in the customs cases would have to be returned along with so as to ensure the authentic matching of the products so delivered and for which the returns is sought.
  • Sweets Are Us would send the corrected order within the least possible time; however the natural processing of the returning has to be allowed by the client.
  • Any condition that is not covered under our Return Policy will be treated under sole authority of the management of Sweets Are Us.