A Small Wooden Box of Nostalgia


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A Small Wooden Box of Nostalgia – A beautiful handmade wooden box filled to the brim with all our most popular goodies – – what a cracking present to give to someone who really deserves a good old treat!!! You`ll be their most favourite person EVER! Just to give you an idea, the box (full of sweets) weighs 1.25kg (that`s a smidge under 3lb) and measures 22cm x 12cm x 12cm (8.7in x 4.7in x 4.7in) – – a really meaty treasure trove of goodies! The box contains all these lovely goodies that will make you go totally misty-eyed: 1 Wham Bar 1 pack Water Bombs 1 Space Dust sachet 1 Sherbet Fountain 2 Super Candy Whistles 2 Double Lollies 2 Drumstick Lollies 1 Double Dip 4 Refreshers Chews Fizzy Cola Bottles, 250g The Best Kola Kubes You`ve Ever Tasted!, 250g The Best Rhubarb and Custard You`ve Ever Tasted!, 250g Loads of scrumptious goodies!!! (Please note: Very occasionally, we may be out of stock of an item. It`s rare, but if it does happen, rather than hold up your order we will replace the item with a similar, equally nostalgic item – so you won`t ever be disappointed!) – Qty In Order: 1 box


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